Flagstone stands up to heavy foot traffic and the shuffling of the outside furniture for decades. Having an outside BBQ, flagstone patio can withstand the heat of heavy grilling or an outdoor brick oven. Make a mess on the patio; that is no problem, flagstone washes off easily with a hose or sweeps up messes. 

Walkways can create the lines that define your landscape. They will guide your guests through the amazing landscape features throughout your yard, creating an entertainment. Flagstone can also give your gravel walkway that clean finish look that every yard should have. 

Flagstone can withstand freezing and very hot temperatures with no problem. It is very well easy to maintain as well. Just need to worry about hosing it down or sweeping it off before guests come or whenever is convenient. This material will never rot, so no need to worry about replacing the flagstone often. 









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